Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Tuesday Teal

I was so frustrated with my inability to accurately photograph my manicure yesterday (Wet n Wild Buffy the Violet Slayer) that I didn't blog.  It was a standard day, so nothing big there.  All of my photos were way too blue.  I've included one below, but it's a vibrant violet that actually caused a male classmate to comment on it.

Today was another semi-boring (aka normal) day.  We had Path at 8 am followed by two hours of Perio.  After lunch we had Hematology with a guest lecturer.  I really liked the guest lecturer's style, so that was nice.  GBB picked me up (we carpool) and we headed home to take a nap.  Our nap went slightly long, and I refused to wake up for about a half hour.  Persistence paid off, and I woke up and made pancakes for brinner!  (YUM!)

We're planning on going to bed early.  I have my first Complete Denture lab tomorrow morning, so I'm interested and excited about that.

The manicure today was a teal masterpiece.  I painted all fingers except my ring fingers with China Glaze Shower Together (which is, incidentally, very close to the color I painted our bedroom!) and slapped on a base coat of CG For Audrey.   I then put on striping tape that I just got from eBay for a couple dollars shipped and coated my fingernails with Shower Together.  I learned my lesson that each piece of tape has to be removed individually.  I got in a hurry with my right hand and pulled two pieces off together.  Luckily for me it wasn't so botched I had to restart.  Check it out!


Only brush the teeth you want to keep,


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