Tuesday, July 12, 2011

D2 Day 2

I survived the second day!  I had three classes/four lecturers today.  We started out with Path, where the professor basically told us not only that she wants us to read the 80+ page reading assignment for each class before and immediately after class plus again before the exam, but that she thinks we'll fail if we use an earlier edition of the book.  I'm pretty sure most of the class was staring at her with gaping mouths because nobody planned on even buying a book.  Curveball.  We then had a two hour Perio lecture that was surprisingly interesting and well-presented.  After lunchtime with a friend, we had Hematology.  Since we're a captive audience, they decided to increase the lecture time from one to two hours today.  That was pretty rough, but we all made it (thanks, in large part, to Facebook).

Tonight, GBB and I watched the sixth Harry Potter movie.  I've read all of the books, but GBB has not, so we're watching the movies before the last one is released this weekend.  I probably should have started studying, but I'm still not really in school mode.  I hope that kicks in tomorrow.

On the horizon for the week is a Perio quiz (worth 10% of the final grade) on Friday morning, a "family" cookout for all dental school students, the Harry Potter release, and the Cuspid Crawl.  The Cuspid Crawl is an annual bar crawl for dental students.  I didn't take part last year, but I may show up this year to hang out with friends.

My fingernails, unfortunately, didn't change.  I've been painting them about an hour before bed and didn't really feel like doing the whole process again last night.  I'm naked-nailed at the moment, so expect a new manicure tomorrow!  =)  I am proud of myself, though, because my scrubs (as seen in the photo) are blue.  I gained weight last year during school because I'm a yo-yo and had to wear black "fat scrubs" until today.  I'm still ready to lose about 20-30 more pounds, but I'm happy to be back in blue.  I also have the best friends in the world, both of whom noticed the blue scrubs.  That makes a girl feel good!

Dental/Fingernail Tip:  denture brushes make great fingernail brushes.  The bristles are very firm, and the handle aids with maneuverability.  I found this out after I got multiple samples of denture brushes at a meeting.  As a 23 year old girl, I'm hoping I'll never have an actual need for them!

I hope you have a wonderful day/night!


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