Friday, July 15, 2011

It's Friday, Friday!

I guessed correctly.  Over break, I realized that I only had one more Friday without hearing that annoying Rebecca Black song until Thanksgiving break.  For some reason, it became an in-joke with the class to the point where I'd hear it on the order of 10-20 times a week.  Today, the first Friday of D2, didn't disappoint. There was plenty of "Friday" action.

We had a Perio quiz at 8 am.  It was a 10 question quiz worth 10% of our final grade, so you can do the math.  I think it went well, mostly because it was very similar to previous quizzes.  We then had a lecture for Perio that mostly consisted of the prof making jokes.  Somehow we ended up with a generous, three hour break, so my buddy and I went for a nice walk.  We saw turtles, fish, and a ton of Peanuts!  (A friend once told me she calls all toddlers 'Peanuts' because they have huge heads like the cartoon characters.  It stuck.)  The Peanuts were taking a walk and generally being adorable by holding hands with their assigned buddy. One Peanut said hi to my friend and me, and upon receiving an enthusiastic reply, the dam broke.  Every single Peanut insisted on saying hi on their way through.  Super adorable.  After lunch was Hematology.  I really like the man who is currently teaching, so this wasn't too bad.  Finally, we had an hour of Diversity Education, which was basically a stand-up comedy session with a little controversy added in.  Suffice it to say that a classmate stuck his foot in his mouth.

GBB and I then had a super yummy dinner of Cajun/Creole food and watched Harry Potter (7-1) in preparation for tomorrow's HP 7-2 screening.  We decided to pre-order tickets for Saturday so that we would (hopefully) miss the crazies.  =)  Now it's beddy-bye!  We're basically grandparents, we're so boring.  I honestly prefer it that way, though.

Today's nails were a half-moon manicure featuring yesterday's Color Club Revvvolution for the half-moons and Color Club Worth the Risque for the rest.  I thought this was a nice (quick) way to spice up a perfectly good manicure instead of removing it all.  I was very pleased with this manicure except that I've got quite a way to go with technique.  For my first try, however, I think it's acceptable.  I used paper hole protectors for a guide.  Let me know if you have any tips or tricks!

A tooth brushing (or three!) a day keeps the periodontist away,


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  1. I think you did a great job! I would have never thought of using the paper hole protectors!