Thursday, July 14, 2011

Almost Friday!

I managed to forget about blogging, but I'm counting this one as being on time for Thursday because it's not yet Friday in most of the USA.  =)

Today was pretty standard.  We had our 8 am class (Hematology) and it wasn't bad.  We learned about hemophilia, which was confusing/counterintuitive at first but interesting.  Then we had a Perio lecture.  Our quiz is tomorrow, and I'm feeling decent about it.  I didn't do much preparation because a. the previous years' quizzes (up to a few years back) were almost exactly the same and b. most of the information at this point is really intuitive.  I guess I'll know in a few hours how it went!

I decided to paint my nails with Color Club Revvvolution.  It is a really nice, black/charcoal holographic polish!  I was shocked and pleased to find that it applied evenly and became opaque after ONE coat.  That, along with its lack of bald spots, is nearly unheard of for a holographic polish.  Needless to say, I'm pleased.  My best guy friend from school remarked that it reminded him of the sparkly paint on a bass fishing boat.  Since I've literally never touched a worm in my life, I'll take him at his word and also convince myself that was a compliment.  =)  I wasn't able to get a sunlight picture to capture it in its sparkly glory, but I used the flash to fake it.

Enjoy a dental-related shameless scare tactic:

Moral of the story: BRUSH.  YOUR.  TEETH.



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