Monday, July 11, 2011

First Day of D2!

I had great aspirations of posting a long, beautifully written, incredibly informative first post.  However, in typical fashion, I put off writing my first post until 10 pm on a Monday after my first day back at dental school since June 3. You may have to deal with a long, poorly written, barely informative first post.  Lo siento.

For those who don't know me, I am now 25% of a dentist!  I started my second year of dental school this morning at 8 am.  I'm currently obsessed with nail polish, having increased my collection fairly exponentially over my short break.  Nail polish is a great outlet for me because it helps improve my manual dexterity (especially in my non-dominant hand)  as well as stimulating my little OCD mind.  (More on the OCD at a later point, I'm sure.)  There is something that is incredibly soothing to me about grouping polishes into color categories, creating gradients, and ordering the polishes in a storage container.   

My first day back was a typical first day consisting of a few different orientation/welcome back sessions, plus two actual classes.  This morning we had Perio with a nice professor.  Following that were short speeches from random administrators/professors basically telling us that second year sucks and not to jump off of a bridge.  We had pizza brought in and paid for by the company sponsoring the mandatory insurance (which I hope to opt out of on account of being already insured) and a short presentation.  Then we had Radiology, which was quite the experience.  The professor is a character, and I'm thinking I will really like him.  We were done at 2 pm! 

I managed to sneak in a nap after class and then spent time with my GBB (Great BahBoo)... aka my boyfriend.  He gets many nicknames.  This one stems from an older nickname plus the Peanuts comic strip.  We're going to watch an episode of Burn Notice and crash for the evening.

I wanted to post a picture of my back-to-school fingernails, but my camera is driving me INSANE.  Therefore, said picture is disappointing.  GBB and I finally found the Serena Williams set that I've been looking for since early/mid June, so my nails were painted Grape...Set...Match!  with an accent of Servin' Up Sparkle on my ring fingers.  G...S...M! is a great purple.  It's a rich berry-grape base color with a foil finish due to pink/red and blue sparkles.  It was totally worth getting even though I have a pretty large number of purples already.  My cuticles are slightly frowny-face because I started gnawing on them in a fit of Mango-Mendless-induced weakness.  (More on Mango Mend tomorrow...)  I knew that my polishing skills weren't well-showcased with this manicure, especially since I forewent clean-up, but this picture is depressing.  Maybe I shouldn't have painted my nails in bed with dim light the night before my first day as a D2!  =)

I think I'll end with this sobering fact: we learned today that smoking is associated with periodontal disease with an odds ratio of 2.6-6 (ish... I don't have the PowerPoint downloaded yet, so that's from memory).  This is a pretty significant number.  Choose any reason you'd like, but PLEASE consider quitting smoking if you still smoke! 

"Brusha brusha brusha, get the new Ipana" love,


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  1. I'll be looking forward to following your blog =)

    And I don't think your back-to-school mani is horrible.. I like it =)